Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Undergraduate research offers students a unique opportunity to apply knowledge in a meaningful, real-world context to solve problems and explore issues no one has ever addressed before. Students doing undergraduate research also have the chance to develop deeper relationships with faculty and graduate students and to add résumé items that will make them stand out to graduate schools and potential employers.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) facilitates research experiences for undergraduates across all disciplines. UROP creates initiatives to encourage students to participate in knowledge creation and research enterprise with Georgia Tech's world-class faculty. Students may participate in laboratory, scientific, or computing research, or they may be involved in new discoveries in literature, social sciences, architecture, or business. Undergraduate students can participate in part-time or full-time research for course credit or pay. Opportunities are available Institute-wide, within specific colleges and schools, or in interdisciplinary settings.

UROP is also charged with providing support and leadership in the area of student innovation. We assist students in finding practical applications for their work and promote the importance of moving research and innovation into society to solve the world's problems. The InVenture Prize, one of the largest invention competitions in the United States, seeks students with an entrepreneurial and inventive interest to apply their skills and see the world as endless opportunities.

Additional opportunities include the President's Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA), the Research Option, spring symposia, and workshops and training sessions promoting good research practices.  Students may also be interested in participating in the Georgia Tech's Undergraduate Research Journal, The Tower.  Students may also reach out to the Undergraduate Research Ambassadors regarding any of the UROP programs or for assistance in finding research opportunities at Georgia Tech.  

More information is available on the Undergraduate Research web page.

The Research Option

The Research Option offers students the opportunity for an in-depth, long-term research experience that culminates in a final paper or thesis. While the exact requirements for a research option vary by academic unit, students typically take the following steps:

  1. Write a research proposal.
  2. Complete at least nine units of undergraduate research.  At least six of the nine required hours should be on the same project.  This research must be done with an approved Georgia Tech faculty member. 
    1. Over at least two, preferably three, terms
    2. Research may be for either pay or credit (specific option plans differ by department).
      1. For research for-pay to count towards the Research Option, you must register for an audit-only class (2698 or 4698 in most but not all academic units).
  3. Take the sequence of two one-hour courses:
    1. LMC 4701 (typically taken during the first or second term of research in order to help students complete their required proposal), and
    2. LMC 4702 (taken during the term in which the thesis is completed).
  4. Write an undergraduate thesis/report of research on their findings.
  5. Submit the Certification Form for their participating school into the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program office prior to graduation.  The forms may be found here.  This form must be signed by two faculty readers (one being the primary faculty mentor), the undergraduate coordinator for the participating school and the student.   

For more information on specific plans and a list of participating schools, visit the Research Option web page.