New Sequence of Math Core Courses

Disclaimer: New Math Courses in Fall 2015

The School of Mathematics is announcing a new sequence of math core courses starting Fall 2015. The change involves two primary goals which are:

  1. to separate the calculus and the linear algebra sequences and
  2. to improve the cutting points in the calculus sequence.

The old core sequence of calculus and linear algebra involved MATH 1501, and MATH 1502. However, a large portion of MATH 1502 was material from linear algebra.

In the new math core, the calculus material will be covered in MATH 1551, and MATH 1552. The linear algebra material can be covered in one of three equivalent courses:

MATH 1553Intro to Linear Algebra2
MATH 1554Linear Algebra4
MATH 1564LinAlg w Abstract Vec Sp4

A description of the new courses can be found at:

The Advanced Placement credit obtained from AP exams of the College Board, International Baccalaureate, and others can be found at:

The course equivalencies between the old and new system are at:

More information can be found at, and questions can be addressed to