Minor in International Business, Langauge, and Culture

The School of Modern Languages and the Scheller College of Business offer an interdisciplinary minor in “International Business, Language, and Culture” (ILBC) housed in the School of Modern Languages. Two key objectives of the Institute’s strategic plan are to “prepare students for global leadership” and “innovate to amplify social responsibility and economic impact.” In order to achieve these objectives students need to understand the fundamentals of business and also be able to communicate across different languages. This minor meets both of these objectives.

Students who wish to pursue this minor should declare the minor by completing the minor change form with the Student Advisor in Modern Languages.

Minor Program of Study & Guidelines

Modern Language Minor Information

Program of Study

Business Majors Requirements
Select two of the following courses:6
Cross-Cultural Mgt
Intl Business Law
Adv Concepts-Int'l Bus
International Accounting
International Finance
Gend, Race, Ethn Org Behav
International Marketing
Special Topics-Global Strategy
Select three 3000/4000-level courses in the same language. At least one must come from the list below.9
Chin Society & Culture I
Chin Society& Culture II
Business Chinese
Eco Dev & Sustainability 1
France Today I
France Today II
Intro To Contemp France 1
Adv Business French I
Adv Business French II
Fren for Professions I
French LBAT I 1
French LBAT II 1
French LBAT III 1
LBAT French Sem Abroad 1
France and Globalization
Germany Today
Intro-Business German I
Structure,Commun&Corr 1
Current Issues 1
Adv Business German I
Ind Transf Grmn Soc/Econ 1
Business Japanese 1
Japan Today 1
Tech&Bus Jpn Translation
Business Korean 1
Issues & Tech In Korea 1
Intensive Adv Russian 1
Read&Comp:Bus,Sci & Tech 1
Business Discourse 1990-
Spain Today
Latin America Today
Issues in Andean Devmt 1
Andean Culture Commerce 1
Commerce Sustain Commun 1
Bus Comm& Correspondence 1
Business And Culture 1
Science And Technology 1
Hispanic Internship
Sustainability in Span 1
Special Topics
Chinese Internship
French Internship
German Internship
Japanese Internship
Russian Internship
Spanish Internship
Total Credit Hours15

 Study Abroad course

General Notes:

  • All courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis and a grade of 'C' or higher must be received in each course.
  • No more than three hours of coursework can be complete at another university, and this must be approved by the advisor.