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AE 2020. Low-Speed Aerodynamics. 3 Credit Hours.

Basic results, conservation laws, potential, airfoil, and wing analysis. Boundary layers on plates and airfoils. Pressure gradients. Introduction to turbulence and vortex-dominated flows.

Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

...the following list: AE 2020 , AE 2120 , AE 4451 , AE 4461 , AE 4883 , BMED 2400...

Bachelor of Science in Public Policy

...any AE, CEE, ECE, ISYE course, AE 1770...3266 , PHYS 4142 , PSYC 2020 , PSYC 2270 , PSYC...

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering - Quality and Statistics

The principal strength of the academic program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BS IE) is its blend of mathematics, physical sciences and business applications. The methodology foundation is built on probability, optimization, statistics, computing, and economics. The program features a unique concentration system that allows students to get a broad industrial engineering education and to specialize in areas such as