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ARCH 3012. Architectural Design IV, V, VI. 5 Credit Hours.

Intermediate architectural design projects exploring the inter-relationships of various programmatic models, normative building types, and technological themes within specific physical, urban, and cultural contexts.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B.S. Arch) offers a rigorous and distinguished architectural education profile for our students around technology in all areas – design, history, theory, and communication. It is defined by a knowledge of how to think about and apply technology in architecture. Our program offers flexibility in the design studio sequence to allow coordinated interdisciplinary work with other schools at Georgia Tech. We build our academic foundation on studio classes, history and theory, and a deliberate blend of technology and design. We offer incubator workshops to all our students, from Freshmen through Seniors, which allow them to follow their intellectual passions and hone in-demand skills. Our students graduate with a broad-based undergraduate education grounded in design, science, and technology.

The International Plan

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