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CHEM 1212K. Chemical Principles II. 4 Credit Hours.

Topics to be covered include chemical equilibria, acids and bases, aqueous equilibria, electrochemistry, kinetics, main group and transition elements. Laboratory exercises supplement the lecture material. Credit not allowed for CHEM 1311/1312 and CHEM 1212K.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

...BIOL 1510 , BIOL 1520 , BIOL 3751 , CHEM 1212K , CHEM 1315 , EAS 1600 , EAS 1601 , EAS...

Bachelor of Science in Psychology - General

...and PSYC electives. 1 CHEM 1211K or CHEM 1212K or CHEM 1310 or PHYS 2211...

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - General

The undergraduate curriculum in mechanical engineering (ME) is very broad and flexible. The curriculum comprises a ME core of fundamental concepts, plus a design/professional-practice stem, plus 15 credit hours of free electives. The program prepares students to be problem solvers and to contribute to a wide range of industries and businesses, or to go on for further study in graduate school. There is a strong emphasis in the ME program on design, creativity, and hands-on learning. Due to the wide range of career choices open to MEs, the program incorporates courses in electronics, materials science, computer programming, and manufacturing. The large number of free elective hours allows students to pursue minors and certificates throughout the Institute, or to specialize in areas within ME. The flexibility also helps students to pursue a variety of special programs including co-op, internships, study abroad, and undergraduate research. Program Educational Objectives The faculty of the Woodruff School strives to continuously improve our undergraduate programs in mechanical engineering. The educational objectives reflect the needs, and have been reviewed by, among others, the Advisory Board of the Woodruff School, the faculty, and the students. Our graduates will be recognized leaders in ME-related fields or other career paths, including industry, academe, government, and non-governmental organizations. Our graduates will be global collaborators, leading and participating in culturally diverse teams, who fearlessly discover and apply new knowledge and engineering practices that have a world-wide impact. Our graduates will be adaptive learners who continue to grow professionally by obtaining professional registration or certification, or by earning post-graduate degrees. Our graduates will be entrepreneurially minded innovators who have a positive economic and social impact on their communities, the nation, and society as a whole.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

...BIOL 1510 , BIOL 1520 , BIOL 3751 , CHEM 1212K , CHEM 1315 , EAS 1600 , EAS 1601 , EAS...