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CS 3510. Design and Analysis of Algorithms. 3 Credit Hours.

Basic techniques of design and analysis of efficient algorithms for standard computational problems. NP-Completeness. Credit not allowed for both CS 3510 and CS 3511.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - Pure Mathematics

...MATH 4801, MATH 4802, CS 3510/3511, CS 4510, CS 4540, CS 4641, CX 4140...

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Thread: Media & People

The Threads™ represent partial paths through the curriculum. Thus, a student weaves a degree from these Threads. Students are not forced to make Thread decisions very early in their academic careers; however, they may if they want. We define the Threads so they are flexible enough to allow for a variety of technical and creative experiences. Threads are coherent enough that students develop computing skills even if their focus shifts as they go along.

Army ROTC - Program Overview

...Select INTA 3520 , INTA 3510 , or another similar...College of Computing except CS 1000 (Information and...