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ECE 3741. Instrumentation and Electronics Lab. 1 Credit Hour.

Basic analog and digital electronic circuits and principles. Techniques of electrical and electronic measurements with laboratory instruments.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

...EAS 4610 , EAS 4625 , EAS 4740 , ECE 3710 , ECE 3741 , ME 4171 , ME 4172 or...

Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

...2040 , ECE 3025 , ECE 3040 , ECE 3065 , ECE 3071 , ECE 3080 , ECE 3710 , ECE 3741...

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - General

...within Major Requirements and MSE 2001 , ECE 3710 , ECE 3741 and ISYE 3025 . If a...

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers two undergraduate degree programs: electrical engineering (EE) and computer engineering (CmpE). Both programs include elective hours, enabling students to individually tailor their programs to provide emphasis in a particular specialization or exposure to a broad range of subjects. Engineering analysis and design concepts are integrated throughout both programs, culminating in a common major design experience involving a broad range of issues including economic and societal considerations.