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HTS 6102. Social and Political History of Europe. 3 Credit Hours.

Classic works and debates in European social history, including transition from feudalism to capitalism, French Revolution, rural history and industrialization, and origins of nationalism.

Master of Science in History and Sociology of Technology and Science

The School offers a program of graduate study in the history and sociology of technology and science at both the master's and doctoral levels. The two-year master's program consists of foundation courses in history, social theory, and research methods, as well as more specialized reading and research seminars. The program emphasizes the understanding of technology and science within a broad social and historical context. Students develop a strong general background in history and sociology, and acquire skills in research, social analysis, and writing. The basic curriculum of thirty credit hours consists of fifteen credit hours of required mandatory courses, plus fifteen credit hours of electives for those who do not wish to proceed to the PhD, or plus nine credit hours of electives and six credit hours of special problems (research paper) for those who wish to proceed to the PhD. The curriculum has been changed to establish two tracks, a History Track and a Sociology Track.