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MGT 2106. Legal, Social, Ethical Aspects of Business. 3 Credit Hours.

Development and function of the law, court organization, procedure, and substantive law in contracts, business organizations, and agencies. Also exposes social responsibility and ethics in business.

Minor in Sports, Society, and Technology

...Required prerequisite is ECON 2106 . 3 Required prerequisite is MGT 2106 , with a grade of...

Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Business Option

The curriculum is technically oriented and stresses quantitative and experimental approaches to the study of behavior. The undergraduate curriculum is based on a strong emphasis in the sciences and mathematics and provides an excellent preparation for graduate school in psychology, medical school, law school, and other professional and academic graduate programs. In addition, many students with the BS degree in psychology choose to enter a variety of fields, including computer software design, human resources, marketing, human factors, system design, personnel selection and training, and management.