Minor in Architectural History

**The College of Design is no longer accepting students into this minor. Please contact the academic department for questions.**

The College of Design offers certificate programs in Architectural and Design History, City and Regional Planning, and Music, as well as undergraduate minor programs in Architectural History, Music, and a multidisciplinary minor in Design/Arts History. Academic advisors in the relevant programs should be consulted for details.

Undergraduate Minor in Multidisciplinary Design/Arts History

The College of Design offers a minor for students in all disciplines at Georgia Tech. The program, which is separate from the minor in Architectural History offered by the School of Architecture, requires completion of one of three available core survey sequences in the history of design (ARCH 2111 and 2112 [or ARCH 4105 and 4106] or COA 2241 and 2242 or ID 2202) in addition to four courses from at least three lists of courses in: history of architecture, the history of industrial design, the history of the city/landscape/garden, history of art and foreign study, and music history. Architecture and Industrial Design program students must select a core survey sequence outside their major, or select two additional electives from approved lists. Interested students should consult with your academic advisor for more details.

The Architectural History minor must comprise at least 18 semester hours, of which at least 12 semester hours are upper-division coursework (numbered 3000 or above).

ARCH 2111History of Architecture I3
ARCH 2112History of Architecture II3
ARCH 4105History of Arch I3
ARCH 4106History of Arch II3
Select four courses from the following:
ARCH 2115Modern Architecture and Art in Europe, America and Australia: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries3
ARCH 4113History of Renaissance and Mannerist Architecture3
ARCH 4114Medieval Architecture3
ARCH 4117Architecture and the Arts and Crafts Movement3
ARCH 4118American Academic Architecture3
ARCH 4119Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright3
ARCH 4120Atlanta Architecture3
ARCH 4123European Modernism3
ARCH 4124History of Architecture in the United States3
ARCH 4125French Architecture from Ledoux to LeCorbusier3
ARCH 4821Special Topics: History, Theory, and Criticism3
ARCH 4822Special Topics: History, Theory, and Criticism3
ARCH 4823Special Topics: History, Theory, and Criticism3
COA 3115Art and Architecture in Italy I3
COA 3116Art and Architecture in Italy II3
  • Cross registration course work in architectural history from other Atlanta universities may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • This minor requires an overall GPA of 2.5 and all courses must be satisfied with grade of ‘C’ or higher.
  • A maximum of 6 semester hours of Special Topics courses may be included in a minor program or the student may complete 3 semester hours of Special Topics and 3 semester hours of Undergraduate Research. Students may not use 6 semester hours of Undergraduate Research for a minor.
  • It is the major advisor’s responsibility to verify that students are using only courses from the designated block(s) from the student’s major field of study that are allowed to satisfy a minor program, that they are not using any Core Area A-E courses (including humanities and social sciences), and that they are not using any courses for more than one minor or certificate. Any free elective course used to satisfy the course requirements of the student’s major degree program may also be used to satisfy the course requirements for a minor.
  • A maximum of 3 semester hours of transfer credit may be used to satisfy the course requirements for a minor. This includes courses taken at another institution or credit earned through the AP or IB program, assuming the scores meet Georgia Tech minimum standards.