Policy on the Competitive Admission of Transfer Applicants

All qualified persons are equally welcome to seek transfer admission to Georgia Tech, and all persons may apply for and accept admission confident that the policy and regular practice of the Institute will not discriminate against them on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national origin.

Projections of the number of transfer students to be admitted and enrolled in any year will be determined

  1. by the capacity of the Institute and
  2. by approved enrollment levels.

If the number of qualified applicants for admission exceeds the number of applicants who can be admitted and enrolled, those to be offered admission will be selected on the basis of

  1. the Institute's judgment of the applicant's relative qualifications for satisfactory performance in the Institute and
  2. recognition of the Institute's special responsibilities to the residents of Georgia.

The policy of competitive admissions, set forth above, will not prevent the admission of selected applicants who give evidence of possessing special talents for the Institute's programs requiring such special talents.

The admission of undergraduate students to pursue programs leading to a bachelor's degree shall be the responsibility of the Office of Undergraduate Admission. That office will apply policies and procedures that are approved by the Office of the President and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

The criteria used in determining each transfer applicant's qualifications for admission will include satisfactory evidence of scholastic promise based upon the applicant's previous academic transfer record.

Appeals concerning individual admission decisions shall be addressed to the director of the Office of Undergraduate Admission.


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