Undergraduate Study in Modern Languages


Bachelor's Degrees

College Credit for High School Study

Modern Languages will grant 6 to 8 hours of credit in any language taught by the School for high school study in that language, provided the student has two or more years of high school credit in the language in question and has completed six credit hours at the 2000, 3000, or 4000 level with an average grade of C or higher. To have the credit entered on their records, students must submit the Modern Languages Proficiency Credit (Advanced Standing) form http://www.registrar.gatech.edu/docs/pdf/advstanding-ml.pdf to the School of Modern Languages for its approval, and pay $90 for each 3 or 4 hours of credit. No grade is attached to this credit, but the credit can fulfill the humanities requirement for graduation.

  • Students submitting a score of four or five on the Advanced Placement (AP) Examination in French, German, or Spanish "Language Level III" or "Literature Level III" may receive six hours of credit for courses numbered 2001-2 in the respective language.
  • For the Japanese AP exam, students who receive
    • a score of three can earn three hours of credit for JAPN 2002;
    • a score of four earns six hours of credit for JAPN 2002 and JAPN 3001;
    • a score of five earns six hours of credit for JAPN 3001 and JAPN 3002.
  • For the Chinese exam, students who receive
  • Students who submit language scores of five or above for courses taken at the higher level from a certified high school International Baccalaureate program may also receive credit for courses numbered 2001-2 in French, German, or Spanish, for 3001-2 in Japanese, and for 3003-4 in Chinese.

Official scores should be sent to the Registrar's office for processing.

The School will not grant credit for high school study in a foreign language to students who have taken 1000 level courses in that language or the equivalent at Georgia Tech, or at other college-level institutions for which they have received transfer credit.

Graduate Course Option

Under the Graduate Course Option, undergraduate students with a final grade-point average of 3.5 or higher may count six credit hours of their undergraduate credits toward a master's degree at Georgia Tech in the same field. This means that qualified IAML students could complete the Master of Science in International Affairs with thirty additional credit hours rather than 36 credit hours if they chose to further their study in International Affairs; likewise, qualified GEML students could complete the MS in Economics with thirty additional credit hours in ECON courses.

Linguistics Certificate

The Linguistics Certificate consists of 12 credit hours.

Track A: General Linguistics

Required Course
LING 2100Introduction to Linguistics3
Additional Courses
Select nine credit hours from the following:9
Special Topics 1
Spanish Applied Linguistics
Human Language Processing
Cognitive Psychology
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Advanced Topics in Cognitive Psychology
French Phonetics
Japanese Discourse and Grammar
Japanese Applied Linguistics
Bilingualism in the Spanish Speaking World
Spanish Applied Linguistics
Total Credit Hours12

Three credit hours maximum; focus on the linguistic system(s) of selected languages; must be approved by Linguistics advisor

Track B: Language Processing

Track B: Language Processing is a joint collaboration between the School of Modern Languages and the College of Computing. This certificate is designed with computer science majors in mind who have an interest in linguistics and natural language processing.

Required Course
LING 2100Introduction to Linguistics3
Additional Courses
Select nine credit hours from the following:9
Languages and Computation
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Special Topics 1
Special Topics
Machine Learning
Natural Language Understanding
Total Credit Hours12

Three credit hours maximum; must be approved by Linguistics advisor

For Track B students, other courses listed under the AI thread or in Linguistics may also count with prior approval from the linguistics advisor.

All courses counting towards a LING certificate must be taken on a letter grade basis and a grade of C or better must be received in each course.

Other information:

  1. The School of Modern Languages may also accept one linguistics course on the 3000- or 4000-level taken at other accredited universities for either Track A or Track B. Students wanting to take such a course need to clear its acceptability with the LING advisor at Georgia Tech.
  2. A 2000-level course may be accepted by the LING advisor if its contents are based upon examples from another language, given the possible difficulty involved in having enough command of the language to deal with more complex materials.
  3. Students who wish to use a course taken abroad to obtain credit towards the LING certificate must submit a copy of the syllabus of the course and petition to obtain approved form the LING advisor prior to travelling abroad.
  4. Some CS and ML courses may have language prerequisites.