Grade Substitution

This policy is known as “freshman forgiveness” or “academic forgiveness” at some institutions. No assumptions based on experiences at other institutions should be made about the grade substitution policy at Georgia Tech. Students requesting grade substitutions must follow all steps outlined below.

  1. First-time freshman students who receive a grade of "D" or "F" in a course within their first two academic terms of enrollment (first three academic terms for those who begin in the Summer Session for Freshmen) are eligible to repeat the course and have the original grade excluded from the calculation of the academic average. Grade substitution may be used only once per course, with a maximum of two courses in total.
  2. The course must be repeated at Georgia Tech within the student's first four academic terms of enrollment (first five academic terms for those who begin in the Freshman Summer Session).
  3. The application for grade substitution must be filed with the Registrar's Office no later than the deadline for withdrawing from a course during the student's next term of enrollment after the course is repeated.
  4. The original course and grade will continue to appear on the student's transcript, with a notation that the course was repeated and that the original grade is not included in calculation of the academic average. Credit for the course will be counted only once.
  5. If the revised academic average results in a change in academic standing for any term, then the revised standing will be reflected on the student's transcript. If standing is changed from "Dismissal" to a higher standing, it will be recorded as "standing from Dismissal" and the dismissal will continue to be counted with respect to regulations and policies related to Withdrawal and Readmission.
  6. A course is not eligible for grade substitution if the student was found responsible for any academic misconduct in that course regardless of how many times it is repeated.
  7. The grade substitution policy (including, but not limited to, course eligibility, number of courses, time limits, and deadlines) is not subject to exceptions and may not be petitioned to the Undergraduate Institute Curriculum Committee.

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