Core Area C

Core Area C: Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics

Core Area C is satisfied by completion of 6 semester hours in courses that carry the HUM (Humanities) attribute. Fine Arts and some ethics related courses are included under Humanities at Georgia Tech. Courses that carry both the HUM and ETHS attribute can serve both purposes.


On March 9, 2016 the Board of Regents approved a revision to Board of Regents policies related to the Core Curriculum.

Effective immediately:

1.  Institutions will not be required to identify or track overlay requirements related to US Perspectives, Global Perspectives, and Critical Thinking.
2.  Students will not be required to complete the overlay requirements from this point forward.
3.  Students who are scheduled to graduate this semester and who have not completed the overlays may graduate without fulfilling this requirement.


  1. Any courses completed that were listed in prior catalogs as satisfying the humanities or ethics requirement and were completed while that catalog was in effect may also be used to satisfy this requirement.
  2. Humanities credit is awarded for Modern Languages 1001 classes upon successful completion of the corresponding 1002 classes. Humanities credit is awarded for SPAN 1101 only upon the successful completion of SPAN 1102. In some instances, students may complete a Modern Languages course at 1001 and then be placed at the second-semester level and complete the 2001 level course. Therefore, the sequence that will warrant HUM credit for Modern Languages courses may be either the 1001-1002 or the 1001-2001 sequence.
  3. Undergraduate Research courses numbered 2698, 2699, 4698, and 4699 cannot be used to fulfill requirements for humanities.
  4. Additional information on Music courses: Students can earn humanities credit for participation in ensembles.
  5. Humanities Credit for Ensemble Participation
    Students can earn Humanities credit for participation in one or more specified School of Music ensembles. Each ensemble course is repeatable for credit and the following ensembles carry the humanities attribute:
    MUSI 3121Concert Band1
    MUSI 3131Symphonic Band1
    MUSI 3231Chamber Choir1
    MUSI 3241Chorale1
    MUSI 3251Glee Club1
    MUSI 3261Women's Choir1
    MUSI 3311Jazz Ensemble1
    MUSI 3511Percussion Ensemble1
    MUSI 3531New Music Ensemble1
    MUSI 3551Rock and Pop Ensemble1
    MUSI 3611Symphony Orchestra1
  6. Transfer Students:

    Please be aware that when you see courses on your GT record that are listed with an "X" in the number (ECON 3XXX or JAPN 10X2, for example) it means that these are transfer courses and although they were not equated exactly with a GT course, they may have been accepted to meet a Core area such as Humanities and Social Science.

    If you review your records in DegreeWorks, you will be able to see how your transfer credit applies to your GT degree program. Refer to your academic advisor for more information.

Humanities Courses

ARBC 1002Elementary Arabic II4
ARBC 1501Understand Arab Culture3
ARBC 2001Intermediate Arabic I3
ARBC 2002Intermediate Arabic II3
ARBC 2301Arts Sci Tech Thru Hist3
ARBC 3001Advanced Arabic I3
ARBC 3002Advanced Arabic II3
ARBC 3501Men-Women In Islam3
ARBC 3691Intensive Advanced ARBC3
ARBC 3692Arabic Business & Tech I3
ARBC 3693Arabic Business &Tech II3
ARCH 2111History of Arch I3
ARCH 2112History of Arch II3
ARCH 2115Modern Arch & Art3
ARCH 4109Arch and Minimalism3
ARCH 4110Public Space3
ARCH 4113Renaissance&Manner Arch3
ARCH 4114Medieval Architecture3
ARCH 4117Arts and Crafts Arch3
ARCH 4118American Academic Arch3
ARCH 4119Arch-Frank Lloyd Wright3
ARCH 4120Atlanta Architecture3
ARCH 4124Hist of Arch in the U.S.3
ARCH 4128Barcelona Architecture3
ARCH 4151History of Urban Form3
ARCH 4305Cross-Cultural Practice3
CHIN 1002Elementary Chinese II4
CHIN 1012Accelerated Elem Chin II4
CHIN 2001Intermediate Chinese I3
CHIN 2002Intermediate Chinese II3
CHIN 2011Accelerated Inter Chin I3
CHIN 2012Accelerated Intm Chin II3
CHIN 3003Intermediate Chinese III3
CHIN 3004Advanced Chinese I3
CHIN 3021Chin Society & Culture I3
CHIN 3022Chin Society& Culture II3
CHIN 3691Chinese Current Events3
CHIN 3692Business Chinese3
CHIN 4003Advanced Chinese II3
CHIN 4004Advanced Chinese III3
CHIN 4006Intercultural Communictn3
CHIN 4021Adv Lang Music & Culture3
CHIN 4031Chin-Language Cinema3
CHIN 4500Intercultural Seminar3
COA 2241History of Art I3
COA 2242History of Art II3
COA 3114Architecture in Greece3
COA 3115Art & Arch in Italy I3
COA 3116Art & Arch in Italy II3
CP 4040City in Fiction & Film3
CS 4752Phil Issues-Computation3
ENGL 1101English Composition I3
ENGL 1102English Composition II3
FREN 1002Elementary French II3
FREN 2001French Culture I3
FREN 2002French Culture II3
FREN 2005LBAT Culture & Language6
FREN 3000Survey of French Lit3
FREN 3001French Lit 1800-19003
FREN 3002French Lit 1900-Present3
FREN 3004Drama Workshop3
FREN 3011France Today I3
FREN 3012France Today II3
FREN 3014Intro To Contemp France3
FREN 3015Social Identities French3
FREN 3017Paris: Modernity Today3
FREN 3030French Phonetics3
FREN 3040Reading and Translation3
FREN 3061Adv Business French I3
FREN 3062Adv Business French II3
FREN 3110Comics & Graphic Arts3
FREN 3121Advanced Composition3
FREN 3500Field Work Abroad1-3
FREN 3551Fren for Professions I3
FREN 3552Fren for Professions II3
FREN 3555French for Engineers I3
FREN 3556French for Engineers II3
FREN 3691French LBAT I3
FREN 3692French LBAT II3
FREN 3693French LBAT III3
FREN 3694LBAT French Sem Abroad3
FREN 4001French Stylistics3
FREN 4011French Art3
FREN 4013Literature & Visual Arts3
FREN 4061Fren Science & Tech I3
FREN 4062Fren Science & Tech II3
FREN 4101Francophone Lit I3
FREN 4102Francophone Lit II3
FREN 4103Francophone Africa3
FREN 4105Francophone Cinema3
FREN 4107African Diasporas France3
FREN 4200Intro French Philosophy3
FREN 4241French Cinema I3
FREN 4242French Cinema II3
FREN 4300France and Globalization3
FREN 4500Intercultural Seminar3
GRMN 1002Elementary German II3
GRMN 2001Intermediate German I3
GRMN 2002Intermediate German II3
GRMN 3010Intro-German Literature3
GRMN 3011Germany Today3
GRMN 3024Conversation&Composition3
GRMN 3026Stylistics3
GRMN 3030Crossing Borders Lit/Cul3
GRMN 3055Fairy Tales Grimm/Disney3
GRMN 3071Intro-Business German I3
GRMN 3110TV & Electronic Culture3
GRMN 3695Structure,Commun&Corr3
GRMN 3696Current Issues3
GRMN 3697Communication & Culture3
GRMN 4010Perspectives Grmn Media3
GRMN 4012German Identity3
GRMN 4023Select Readings-Ger Lit3
GRMN 4024Ger Film and Literature3
GRMN 4025German Culture & Film3
GRMN 4026German Post-Wall Cinema3
GRMN 4061Adv Business German I3
GRMN 4065European Union3
GRMN 4120Literary Repr of History3
GRMN 4126Advanced Stylistics3
GRMN 4500Intercultural Seminar3
GRMN 4693Ind Transf Grmn Soc/Econ3
GRMN 4694200 Yrs of Grmn Technlgy3
ID 2202Hist-Modern Indust Dsgn3
ID 2241History of Art 13
ID 2242History of Art 23
ID 4206Culture of Objects3
INTA 4743Japan Society & Politics3
JAPN 1002Elementary Japanese II4
JAPN 2001Intermediate Japanese I3
JAPN 2002Intermediate Japanese II3
JAPN 3001Advanced Japanese I3
JAPN 3061Technical Japanese I3
JAPN 3691Tech & Scientific Japn3
JAPN 3692Business Japanese3
JAPN 3693Japan Today3
JAPN 4113Adv Reading & Listening3
JAPN 4123Tech&Bus Jpn Translation3
JAPN 4143Ling Culture Relativism3
JAPN 4163Japn Literature Culture3
JAPN 4165Crit Rdgs Jpn Cult/Arts3
JAPN 4173Anime: Culture&Society3
JAPN 4231Design Websites in Jpn3
JAPN 4233Cali Pedagogy for Jpn3
JAPN 42353D RPG Develop. Japn.3
JAPN 4500Intercultural Seminar3
JAPN 4543Adv Japanese For NLP Dev3
JAPN 4743Japan Society & Politics3
JAPN 4750Japn Discourse & Grammar3
JAPN 4780Jpn Applied Linguistics3
KOR 1002Elementary Korean II4
KOR 2001Intermediate Korean I3
KOR 2002Intermediate Korean II3
KOR 3001Advanced Korean I3
KOR 3002Advanced Korean II3
KOR 3691Business Korean3
KOR 3692Issues & Tech In Korea3
KOR 3693Exploring Modern Korea3
KOR 4001Contemporary Korean3
KOR 4002Select Rdngs Of Mod Kor3
LING 2100Intro to Linguistics3
LING 4780Jpn Applied Linguistics3
LMC 2000Intro-Lit, Media, & Comm3
LMC 2050Lit, Media, Comm Seminar3
LMC 2100Intro to STAC3
LMC 2200Intro to Gender Studies3
LMC 2300Intro Biomedicine & Cult3
LMC 2400Intro to Media Studies3
LMC 2500Intro to Film3
LMC 2600Intro to Perform Studies3
LMC 3102The Classical Tradition3
LMC 3104Age Scientific Discovery3
LMC 3106Age Sci Revolution3
LMC 3108Sci Tech & Enlightenment3
LMC 3110Sci, Tech & Romanticism3
LMC 3112Evolution&Industrial Age3
LMC 3114Sci, Tech & Modernism3
LMC 3116Sci Tech & Postmodernisms3
LMC 3118Sci Tech&American Empire3
LMC 3202Studies in Fiction3
LMC 3204Poetry and Poetics3
LMC 3206Communication & Culture3
LMC 3208African-Amer Lit/Cult3
LMC 3210Ethnicity American Cult3
LMC 3212Women, Lit & Culture3
LMC 3214Science Fiction3
LMC 3215Science Fiction Film TV3
LMC 3216Theatre I3
LMC 3218Theatre II3
LMC 3219Literature & Medicine3
LMC 3220Theatre III3
LMC 3222Regionalism American Lit3
LMC 3225Gender Study-Disciplines3
LMC 3226Major Authors3
LMC 3228Shakespeare3
LMC 3234Creative Writing3
LMC 3244Mod/Contemp Brit Poetry3
LMC 3248Poetry & Digital Culture3
LMC 3252Film and Television3
LMC 3253Animation3
LMC 3254Film History3
LMC 3255Cinema & Digital Culture3
LMC 3256Major Filmmakers3
LMC 3257Global Cinema3
LMC 3258Documentary Film3
LMC 3259Experimental Film3
LMC 3262Performance Studies3
LMC 3302Sci, Tech & Ideology3
LMC 3304Science, Tech & Gender3
LMC 3306Science, Tech & Race3
LMC 3308Environment Ecocritic3
LMC 3310Rhetoric Sci Inquiry3
LMC 3314Tech of Representation3
LMC 3316Postcolonialism3
LMC 3318Biomedicine & Culture3
LMC 3352Film Technology3
LMC 3362Sci, Tech & Performance3
LMC 3502Medieval Lit & Culture3
LMC 3504Renaisance Lit&Culture3
LMC 3506Enlightenment Lit & Cult3
LMC 3508American Culture I3
LMC 3510American Culture II3
LMC 3512Brit/Cont Romanticism3
LMC 3514Victorian Lit & Culture3
LMC 3516Lit & Cultural Modernism3
LMC 3518Lit/Cult Postmodernism3
LMC 4204Poetry and Poetics II3
MUSI 2010Funds of Musicianship I3
MUSI 2011Funds of Musicianship II3
MUSI 2600Music Theory I2
MUSI 3121Concert Band1
MUSI 3131Symphonic Band1
MUSI 3231Chamber Choir1
MUSI 3241Chorale1
MUSI 3251Glee Club1
MUSI 3261Women's Choir1
MUSI 3311Jazz Ensemble1
MUSI 3450Survey-Music Technology3
MUSI 3500Intro-Computer Music2
MUSI 3511Percussion Ensemble1
MUSI 3531New Music Ensemble1
MUSI 3551Rock and Pop Ensemble1
MUSI 3600Music Theory II2
MUSI 3610Composers 1500-18002
MUSI 3611Symphony Orchestra1
MUSI 3620Composers 1800-Present2
MUSI 3621Composers & Their Music3
MUSI 3630History of Jazz3
MUSI 4450Integrat Mus Multimedia3
MUSI 4455Streaming Media3
PERS 1002Elementary Persian II4
PHIL 2010Intro Philosophy3
PHIL 2025Philosophical Analysis3
PHIL 3050Political Philosophy3
PHIL 3102Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 3103Modern Philosophy3
PHIL 3105Ethical Theories3
PHIL 3109Engineering Ethics3
PHIL 3113Logic& Critical Thinking3
PHIL 3115Philosophy of Science3
PHIL 3127Sci, Tech & Human Values3
PHIL 3135Philosophy of Technology3
PHIL 4110Theories of Knowledge3
PHIL 4174Perspectives-Sci & Tech3
PHIL 4176Environmental Ethics3
PHIL 4752Phil Issues-Computation3
RUSS 1002Elementary Russian II4
RUSS 1250Vampires International3
RUSS 1692Intens Element Russ II3
RUSS 2001Intermediate Russian I3
RUSS 2002Intermediate Russian II3
RUSS 2691Intens Interm Russian I3
RUSS 2692Intens Interm Russian II3
RUSS 3001Advanced Russian I3
RUSS 3002Advanced Russian II3
RUSS 3222Russ 20th Cent Lit&Film3
RUSS 3691Intensive Adv Russian3
RUSS 3692Read&Comp:Bus,Sci & Tech3
RUSS 3698Russia Yesterday & Today1
SPAN 1002Elementary Spanish II3
SPAN 1102Patterns of Spanish II3
SPAN 2001Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 2002Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 2690Intermed Span Abroad3
SPAN 3050Intro-Read Hispanic Lit3
SPAN 3061Business Spanish I3
SPAN 3062Business Spanish II3
SPAN 3064Medical Spanish3
SPAN 3101Conversation I3
SPAN 3102Conversation II3
SPAN 3111Composition I3
SPAN 3112Composition II3
SPAN 3122Cultural Hist-Spain II3
SPAN 3170Spanish Phonetics3
SPAN 3211Spain Today3
SPAN 3235Latin America Today3
SPAN 3241Indiv&Family in Hisp Lit3
SPAN 3242Society in Hispanic Lit3
SPAN 3254Hispanic Film3
SPAN 3260Identity In Hisp. Lit.3
SPAN 3500Sci-Fi In Latin America3
SPAN 3691Bus Comm& Correspondence3
SPAN 3692Business And Culture3
SPAN 3693Science And Technology3
SPAN 3694Seminar Abroad3
SPAN 3697Span Health Professionls3
SPAN 3698Spain Health Industry3
SPAN 4061Science & Technology I3
SPAN 4062Science & Technology II3
SPAN 4065Spanish Linguistics3
SPAN 4070Intro-Span/Engl Translat3
SPAN 4071Translation & Interpret3
SPAN 4101Adv Communication Wkshop3
SPAN 4150Spanish Service Learning3
SPAN 4160US Spanish-Lang&Cultures3
SPAN 4165Bilingualism-Span World3
SPAN 4170Span Applied Linguistics3
SPAN 4220Nation/Narration In LA3
SPAN 4235Food Culture & Society3
SPAN 4236Media,Market&Advertising3
SPAN 4242LatinAm Art: Vision&Voice3
SPAN 4251Hispanic Internship3
SPAN 4255Hispanic Drama Workshop3
SPAN 4350Iberoamerican Cities3
SPAN 4400Immigration Through Film3
SPAN 4500Intercultural Seminar3

Courses that fulfill both Humanities and Ethics Requirements

LMC 3219Literature & Medicine3
LMC 3304Science, Tech & Gender3
LMC 3318Biomedicine & Culture3
PHIL 3105Ethical Theories3
PHIL 3109Engineering Ethics3
PHIL 3127Sci, Tech & Human Values3
PHIL 4176Environmental Ethics3