Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Location: 781 Marietta Street
Administrative Office: 404.385.1493
Fax: 404.894.8573
Website: http://www.iac.gatech.edu

Established in 1990

The Ivan Allen College (IAC), named after a visionary leader who served as mayor of Atlanta during a time associated with the creation of the "New South," is a unique configuration of six schools as well as Georgia Tech's three ROTC departments. The College was established in 1990 in order to broaden the range of majors available to Tech students. The degree programs are unique in the ways they link the study of the social sciences and humanities to the world of technology and science. IAC majors prepare students for a wide range of professional careers, including leadership in government, business, and technology.

Study in these fields also prepares students for advanced study in professional programs in law, medicine, international affairs, public policy, and new media as well as graduate study in the humanities and social sciences. The success of these new programs has resulted in a realization of the close connections between service and progress expressed in Georgia Tech's motto.

The Ivan Allen College offers nine undergraduate degrees, six master's degrees, and four doctoral degrees. Detailed descriptions of these programs can be found under the appropriate school headings. In addition to its degree programs, the Ivan Allen College provides all Tech students with instruction in the humanities and social sciences. The College's course offerings and its certificate and minor programs enable students, regardless of their major, to broaden their educational experience and to better understand the cultural underpinnings of their professional and personal lives and the international context in which they live and work.

  • Applied Language & Intercultural Studies. BS
  • Chinese. Minor
  • City and Regional Planning & Public Policy. MCRP-MS
  • Computational Media. BS
  • Cybersecurity. MS
  • Digital Media. MS, PhD
  • East Asian Studies. Minor
  • Economics. Minor, BS, MS, PhD
  • Economics and International Affairs. BS
  • Film and Media Studies. Minor
  • French. Minor
  • German. Minor
  • Global Development. Minor
  • Global Economics and Modern Languages. BS
  • Health, Medicine, and Society. Minor
  • History. Minor
  • History, Technology, and Society. BS
  • History and Sociology of Technology and Science. MS, PhD
  • Human-Computer Interaction. MS
  • International Affairs. Minor, BS, MS
  • International Affairs and Modern Language. BS
  • International Affairs, Science, and Technology. PhD
  • Japanese. Minor
  • Korean. Minor
  • Law, Science, and Technology. Minor
  • Leadership Studies. Minor
  • Literature, Media, and Communication. BS
  • Philosophy. Minor
  • Political Science. Minor
  • Public Policy. Minor, BS, MS, PhD
  • Russian. Minor
  • Science, Technology, and Society. Minor
  • Social Justice. Minor
  • Sociology. Minor
  • Spanish. Minor
  • Sports, Society, and Technology. Minor
  • Women, Science, and Technology. Minor

Joint Degrees

Public Policy Joint Degree with Georgia State University. PhD