Minor in Political Science

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The discipline of political science is included within the Ivan Allen College within the School of Public Policy and the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs. Undergraduate courses in political science are intended to broaden students' perceptions of political processes and governmental institutions. Many of these courses are taught under the PUBP or INTA prefix. Students should consult with the political science faculty concerning course offerings.

Political science courses may be used to satisfy the distribution requirement in social sciences, including the state-mandated requirement on constitutions of the United States and Georgia. This requirement may be satisfied by examination or completion of:

Select one of the following:3
Government of the U.S.
US Constitutional Issues
American Government
United States to 1877
United States since 1877
Total Credit Hours3

Certificate and minor programs in political science, administered by the School of Public Policy, are available for students who wish to concentrate coursework in this discipline.

Program of Study - Minor in Political Science

The Political Science minor must comprise at least 15 semester hours, of which at least 12 semester hours are upper-division coursework (numbered 3000 or above).

Required Courses
Select five of the following: 115
Pol Phil & Ideologies
State & Local Government
Political Philosophy
Foundation-Public Policy
US Constitutional Issues
Judicial Process
Intro To Social Policy
African-Amer Politics
Survey Research Methods
Social Policy Issues
Women and Public Policy
Business and Government
Science,Tech& Pub Policy
Critical Issues-Sci&Tech
Mass Communications Pol
Total Credit Hours15

Select at least 12 credit hours of upper-division coursework (numbered 3000 or above). A student may seek permission from the School of Public Policy to allow 3 credit hours of upper division coursework taught outside the School to count toward the completion of the minor if that coursework is clearly relevant to Political Science.