Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

The undergraduate program in the School of Music leads to a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology. In the program, students understand the role of technology in enabling new ways to access, consume, and create music. They master existing technologies and develop the skills necessary to innovate and create the ideas that will drive the music industry in the future.

The program combines technical and artistic topics to produce graduates who have both a strong technical and performance portfolio. In addition to the general concentration in Music Technology, students may pursue a minor across campus or pursue one of the two engineering-based concentrations in the Music Technology program. For students interested in augmenting their program with Mechanical Engineering, they may take focused coursework in one of two areas: Acoustics and Vibrations or Controls and Robotics. BSMT students interested in Electrical and Computer Engineering may take focused coursework in that area.

Please note that a portfolio is required for admission into the BSMT program. For more information, visit