Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Public Policy

The PhD in Public Policy is a research-oriented program that prepares students for advanced professional work or for academic careers. Georgia Tech houses two PhD programs in Public Policy, including one offered jointly with Georgia State University. The programs stress intellectual and methodological rigor, building upon the theory and applications of political and organizational analysis, research design, quantitative analysis, and economics.

Financial Aid

Most PhD students receive financial assistance, chiefly through sponsored research projects and teaching assistantships.

All students must have completed the equivalent of the core courses for the Master of Science in Public Policy before they begin the doctoral core curriculum. The doctoral core curriculum consists of six three-credit-hour courses (seven in the joint program). These courses are designed to provide students with a theoretical and methodological foundation for conducting public policy research.

Core Courses
PUBP 8200Advanced Research Methods I3
PUBP 8205Advanced Research Methods II3
PUBP 8211Microeconomic Theory and Applications3
PUBP 8500Research Seminar in Public Policy3
PUBP 8510Logic of Policy Inquiry3
PUBP 8520Scope and Theory of Public Policy3