Professional Master's in Applied Systems Engineering

Stay current and build your systems engineering expertise with our Professional Master’s Degree in Applied Systems Engineering, referred to as PMASE.

Work full-time and expand your “systems thinking” skills with this two-year advanced degree from a top 10 public university in the U.S. The convenient hybrid format that blends face-to-face instruction and online learning.

  • Be part of a team of students collaborating on project-based learning to overcome systems engineering hurdles and develop real-life solutions.
  • Build relationships with supportive peers, dedicated and accessible professors, and network with professionals to form meaningful connections that will have a long-term career impact.
  • Immerse yourself in a practical, hands-on approach to learn how to integrate systems engineering processes into your current and future jobs.
  • Be inspired and challenged by passionate Georgia Tech faculty and Georgia Tech Research Institute scientists and engineers who offer extensive real-world experience and lead research for industry and government.
  • Learn alongside and share insight with other professionals with at least three to five years of experience and diverse perspectives.
  • Immediately apply your new knowledge to your job.

The PMASE program is a two year program divided into core curriculum courses and complex systems courses and is delivered in a cohort model.  A cohort is a group of students working towards a common degree and taking the same classes on the same schedule through completion of the degree.  During the Fall Term of the cohort’s second year in the program, the students select a domain elective from the options available.  Currently the elective options available are in the domains of sensors systems (ASE 6111), information systems (ASE 6121) and human systems integration (ASE 6131). The prerequisite for the domain electives is ASE 6006, Systems Engineering Laboratory. 

Core Curriculum:
ASE 6001Fund Modern Sys Eng3
ASE 6002Systems Design/Analysis3
ASE 6003Modeling/Sim Sys Eng3
ASE 6004Leading Sys Eng Teams3
ASE 6005Adv Topics SE - SysML3
ASE 6006Systems Engineering Lab3
Complex System Sequence:
Domain Electives (Choose one):3
Analysis & Synth-Sensors
Analysis & Synth-InfoSys
ASE 6102System of Systems & Arch3
ASE 6103System Lifecycle & Integ3
ASE 6104Capstone Complex Systems3
Total Credit Hours30