Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)

The M.Arch. Program, leading to the Master of Architecture as the first professional degree, is oriented toward the professional practice of architecture and is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). This degree option provides flexibility for students who have an undergraduate degree with a major in architecture as well as those who have a degree in a field other than architecture. The M.Arch. Program requires a minimum of 60 credit hours and a maximum of 102 credit hours of study, depending upon the applicant's prior education in architecture and the amount of advanced standing credit granted upon admission to the program.

Normally, a student admitted to the program with maximum advanced standing can expect to complete the program within two academic years of full-time study. A student admitted to the program with no advanced standing can expect the program to require three and one-half academic years of full-time study. Graduates from four-year undergraduate programs in architecture similar to that at Georgia Tech can normally expect to complete the program in two academic years, provided they have pursued architecturally related elective coursework during their undergraduate years. Specific information regarding applications for advanced standing and degree requirements is available from the School of Architecture.

Multidisciplinary studies are strongly encouraged in all of the master's programs in architecture. These studies may be part of a formal dual degree program, including architecture and city and regional planning. Other multidisciplinary studies are possible within the College of Design, the Institute, or at other Atlanta area colleges and universities, such as Emory University and Georgia State University. Coursework outside the School of Architecture frequently includes city and regional planning, public policy, history, philosophy, real estate development, engineering, and studio art.

The deadline for applications is December 31st for all applicants for the following fall semester. Each applicant must have an outstanding undergraduate record and must submit a portfolio of creative work. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for all applicants. The TOEFL is the only acceptable language test for admission to Georgia Tech.  A score of 90 is required by Georgia Institute of Technology,  with a minimum section score of 19 in each section of the test, however, the School of Architecture only accepts TOEFL scores near 100 for all foreign applicants. All applicants should be aware that each program in the School of Architecture has specific application requirements; therefore, all applicants should consult the relevant requirements for their chosen degree programs; by visiting the School of Architecture website or contacting an academic advisor.


The minimum requirements for the M.Arch. degree, for a student with a previous degree in architecture, are as follows:

Architectural Design Studios24
Professional Core Requirements24
Master's Project/Thesis Option12
Total Credit Hours60

The maximum requirements for the M.Arch. degree, for a student with a previous degree in a discipline other than architecture, are as follows:

Architectural Design Studios39
Professional Core Requirements45
Approved Professional Electives18
Total Credit Hours102