Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Quantitative BioSciences

Participating Schools

School of Biological Sciences
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
School of Mathematics
School of Physics
School of Psychology

Objective of the Program

The mission of the Georgia Tech PhD program in Quantitative Biosciences (QBioS) is to enable the discovery of scientific principles underlying the dynamics, structure, and function of living systems. The QBioS program is designed to provide PhD graduates with the skills and expert knowledge necessary to move directly into academia, industry and/or government, where they can apply their specific domain expertise and broadly relevant modeling tools.

The PhD program in Quantitative Biosciences is offered by the College of Sciences. Students select a home school within the College of Sciences and can select a thesis advisor from the entire list of program faculty, irrespective of School. QBioS PhD students will pursue thesis research across a broad range of research themes spanning molecular and cellular systems, chemical biology, behavior and applied physiology, ecology, evolution and earth systems. The diverse faculty will ensure that students are prepared for quantitative challenges in the biosciences, whether in the analysis of big data, analysis of complex models, and iterative design of theory and experiments.

We welcome applications from high-quality undergraduate students, who are:

  1. trained in the physical sciences (e.g., physics, earth systems and chemistry), mathematics, computer science, and engineering, who would like to transition to a career focusing on interface research in the biosciences;
  2. trained in the biosciences (e.g., integrative biology, physiology, ecology, evolution, neuroscience, biochem, molecular & cellular biology) with particular strengths and interests in quantitative analysis and modeling.

In addition, students with Masters degrees in those thematic areas are strongly encouraged to apply.

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