Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering is a new professional graduate degree program created to meet the growing demand for business-savvy engineers who can design and synchronize highly complex global supply chains. The program's intensive 12-month curriculum delivers academic knowledge in analytic methods, supply chain engineering, and enterprise management while building professional practice skills and real-world industry experience.

Program applicants may come from a wide range of academic, business, and geographical backgrounds, but they will share a common motivation: to pursue a highly focused graduate education experience in supply chain engineering and to subsequently explore immediate career opportunities with global enterprises.

Required Courses
ISYE 6333Operations Research for Supply Chain Engineering I3
ISYE 6334Operations Research fo Supply Chain Engineering II3
ISYE 6335Supply Chain Engineering I3
ISYE 6336Supply Chain Engineering II3
ISYE 6337Supply Chain Engineering III3
ISYE 6338Suppply Chain Strategy3
ISYE 6339Supply Chain Information Systems3
ISYE 6340Supply Chain Engineering Seminar3
ISYE 6341Capstone Project for Supply Chain Engineering I3
ISYE 6342Capstone Project for Supply Chain Engineering II3
Total Credit Hours30

BS/MS Program

A combined BS/MS program that will allow students to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering. Contact the School of Industrial Engineering for more information.