Minor in Robotics

The Schools of Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Interactive Computing, and Mechanical Engineering offer a minor in robotics for students majoring in any discipline.

The Robotics Minor provides a concentrated experience in the multidisciplinary field of robotics.

Program of Study

Required Robotics Courses
Select one course:3
Medical Robotics
Elective Courses
Choose at least one course from 2 of the 4 core categories:12
Intro Humans & Autonomy
Intro-Artificial Intell
Machine Learning
Robot Intelli Planning
Embedded&Hybrid Control
Ctrl Sys Analysis&Design
Feedback Control Systems
Control Dynamic Systems
Control System Design
Motion Systems
Fund of Mechatronics
Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
Sys Dynamics&Vibration
Structural Vibrations
Sensors& Instrumentation
Biomed Instrumentation
Intro-Medical Image Proc
Intro to Computer Vision
Pattern Recognition
Intro Signal Processing
Embedded Systems Design
Applications of DSP
Total Credit Hours15

AE/BMED/ME/ECE/CS 4699 Undergraduate Research in robotics or autonomous systems (3 hours) may be used to fulfill one of the 4 core requirements. This research must be completed with a robotics faculty member and requires a final report that highlights its linkage to the respective core: Autonomy, Controls, Mechanics, and Perception.

Additional Restrictions on the 15 hours of credit for the Robotics Minor:

  • At least two courses must be taken outside of the student’s home school.  Cross-listed courses, such as those marked with an * in the list above, cannot count as being “outside the home school” for any of the students who are from the schools that cross list that course.
  • Courses must be taken from two or more schools.
  • All courses from the minor must be passed with a grade of C or higher.
  • No more than one 2000-level course may be used towards the minor.
  • No course that is required (by name and number) in the student’s major discipline can be counted towards the student’s minor.  No course that is considered equivalent to a required course in the student’s major is allowed for the minor.
  • No course counted towards the Robotics Minor can be used for any other undergraduate minor or certificate.