Georgia Tech Research Institute

The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is a globally recognized applied research and development organization. Each day, GTRI’s science and engineering expertise is used to solve some of the toughest problems facing government and industry across the nation and around the globe. GTRI's world-class engineers and scientists solve some of the toughest problems facing government and industry across the nation and around the globe. For more than eighty-six years GTRI has been uniquely positioned within the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of America's top research universities.

GTRI is over 2,800 people strong, including some of the world's top scientists and engineers who conduct more than $780 million in sponsored research each year. Many of GTRI's experts are recognized worldwide as leaders in a vast array of research domains. GTRI's core research areas include complex and agile systems engineering, sensor design and integration, information management and cybersecurity, and defense technology development.

GTRI operates 15 operations units and eight research laboratories located on Georgia Tech's main campus in midtown Atlanta, and at the Cobb County Research Facility (CCRF) north of Atlanta. In addition, GTRI serves its sponsors through 21 field offices located at:

  • Aberdeen, Maryland;
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico;
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado;
  • Dayton, Ohio;
  • Fort Belvoir, Virginia;
  • Hampton Roads, Virginia;
  • Huntsville, Alabama;
  • Jacksonville, Florida;
  • Lincoln, Massachusetts;
  • Orlando, Florida;
  • Panama City, Florida;

  • Patuxent River, Maryland;
  • Pearl City, Hawaii;
  • Phoenix, Arizona;
  • Quantico, Virginia;
  • San Antonio, Texas;
  • San Diego, California;
  • Shalimar, Florida;
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Warner Robins, Georgia; and
  • Washington, District of Columbia.

One of GTRI's goals is to support economic and technological development in Georgia. GTRI promotes economic growth in the state and the southeast through mutual programs with the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute. GTRI operates strong technology transfer programs and GTRI researchers teach more than half of all courses offered through Georgia Tech's Distance Learning and Professional Education program. The newest offering is a Professional Master's Degree in Applied Systems Engineering, which was developed jointly by GTRI and the Georgia Tech College of Engineering. GTRI is also home to the state's Agricultural Research Technology Program, which conducts research and technology transfer for the poultry industry, one of Georgia's leading industries and employers.

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