Paid and Unpaid Internships

In addition to the internship and cooperative programs administered through the Career Center, students may participate in internships through the academic units. These internships are either paid or unpaid.

Students who receive pay for the internship may not also receive academic credit for it. Students who receive academic credit for an internship may not also receive pay for it. There may be rare exceptions to this policy, such as the legislative internship that is part of the program in Public Policy. Exceptions have to be approved by the curriculum committee.

When students request enrollment in a departmental internship, they must (for credit or pay) complete a departmental approval form. Departmental internship sections are set up by permit only, and the student is permitted for the appropriate section to register for it.

Academic units are strongly encouraged to use the following standard numbering system for internships that they offer for pay or credit. Schools that wish to add an internship course will need to submit a new course proposal form to the curriculum committee and request course numbers under their subject codes.

Course Numbering

Freshmen and Sophomores

XXXX 2694: Undergraduate Internship for Pay (Audit only)

XXXX 2695: Undergraduate Internship for Credit

Juniors and Seniors

XXXX 4694: Undergraduate Internship for Pay (Audit only)

XXXX 4695: Undergraduate Internship for Credit

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