Army ROTC - Program Overview

The Basic Course Curriculum

The Basic Course consists of a four-semester block of instruction taken during the freshman and sophomore years. Successful completion of all four semesters satisfies the military science requirements for progression to the Advanced Course. These courses provide a foundation in basic military subjects such as customs and traditions, history, leadership, and map reading. They round out a student's academic life, provide a challenge, foster confidence, and facilitate personal growth and development.

Courses are offered during fall and spring semesters with 3 credit hours awarded for each freshman and sophomore course and four credit hours for each junior and senior course. Four hours of basic ROTC courses may be applied as elective credits toward degree requirements at the school. Courses normally meet two hours a week. A one-hour leadership laboratory and participation in physical conditioning training are also required for contracted cadets.

Students in the Basic Course do not incur military obligation unless they have received an ROTC scholarship. Scholarship cadets are required to participate in a field training exercise twice per school year. They are issued uniforms and may participate in other ROTC-related events and training, such as Airborne School, Air Assault School, and Northern Warfare Training.

The Basic Course consists of the following:

First Year
MSL 1001Leadership and Personal Development3
MSL 1002Introduction to Tactical Leadership3
Second Year
MSL 2001Innovative Team Leadership3
MSL 2002Foundations of Tactical Leadership3
ROTC Credit