Graduate Study in Industrial Design

Master's Degrees

The School of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech offers two graduate degree programs. 

Georgia Tech’s Master’s of Industrial Design (MID) focuses on an inclusive design approach that is dedicated to the creation and development of products, systems, services and environments that are usable by all segments of the population. With the growing diversity of the population, inclusive design is becoming increasingly important to designers of tomorrow to ensure that design is responsive to the individual and collective needs of all people.

Capitalizing on Georgia Tech’s rich traditions in technology and research, the MID program stresses a user-centered design process and evidence-based design practice that offers students unique opportunities to explore the design of new and existing technologies. Faculty members, who are practicing designers and experts in their fields, maintain active research programs in tangible products within communication technologies, enabling environments, supportive product systems, rehabilitation technologies, and healthcare systems technologies.

The interdisciplinary Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) degree program is a cooperative effort of the School of Interactive Computing; the School of Literature, Media and Communication; the School of Industrial Designand the School of Psychology. The program provides students with the practical and interdisciplinary skills and theoretical understanding they will need to become leaders in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the computer interfaces of the future.

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