Army ROTC - Student Advisory Services

Faculty members are available throughout the academic year and during each summer orientation session in the Department of Military Science for academic counseling, schedule planning, and career guidance. Students and their parents are encouraged to seek advice on the overall Army ROTC program, scholarship opportunities, and officer career development. Appointments may be made in person, by calling 404.894.4760/9938, or by e-mail via the ROTC home page, Students should also check the homepage for the latest updates on course requirements and other important information.

Academic Mentorship Program

The Academic Mentorship program aims to sustain an atmosphere where all cadets recognize the importance of academic success for commissioning, obtaining their degrees, and other future endeavors. Every cadet should have the resources and encouragement to succeed in the classroom through an established mentorship support system. An aggressive attitude toward meeting the academic standard is highly encouraged. Academic Mentorship also offers a Study Hall program which offers additional mentorship opportunities by offering students hands on academic instruction and tutelage.

ROTC Credit