VII. Deficiencies

A. About Deficiencies

  1. A student who has received a grade of "I," "F," or "U" in a course has a deficiency in the course.
  2. A student whose final grade is "F" or "U" has failed the course. The student must repeat and pass the course before credit will be allowed.

B. Removal of Deficiencies

  1. When a grade of "I" ("Incomplete") is assigned in a course, the "I" grade must be removed and the grade change reported by the end of the student's next academic term in residence or, if the student has not been enrolled, by the end of the academic term one calendar year from the date the incomplete was assigned. Failing to remove the "I" in the allotted time will result in the grade of "I" being changed to the grade of "F." To remove the "I" grade, the student should consult with the instructor as soon as possible after the academic term is over and complete whatever remaining coursework is outlined by the instructor. Repeating the course for credit does not remove the grade of "I."
  2. When a course in which a "D" grade was earned is repeated and a grade of "F" is earned, the student must file a Petition to the Faculty to be allowed to use the "D" grade to meet graduation requirements.
  3. A degree candidate who has otherwise completed all requirements for graduation and who has an "Incomplete" in laboratory work taken during their final academic term in residence may remove the "Incomplete" at the convenience of the department of instruction concerned.