Transfer Credit

The basic policy regarding the acceptance of courses by transfer is to allow credit for courses completed with satisfactory grades ("C" or better) at other accredited colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, provided the courses correspond in time and content to courses offered at Georgia Tech. The Institute will not accept credit for courses successfully completed at another institution but previously taken at Georgia Tech unless the final grade received at Georgia Tech is a "W." The student must request and file an official transcript of transfer courses before the Institute can award credit. Coursework completed at colleges and universities outside the United States and Canada will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Transfer credit is not calculated in the Georgia Tech grade-point average.

Students may attend another institution as a transient student during terms when not enrolled at Georgia Tech. Students should discuss their course selection with their academic advisor to ensure transferability and applicability toward their degree programs. With the exception of officially sanctioned cross-enrolled programs, students are not to be enrolled at Georgia Tech and another institution during the same term without the specific approval the Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee, as appropriate.

Transfer Credit Policy

Policy on Transfer Credit

  1. Only official transcripts from other schools may be used to evaluate and/or award credit.
    • New students must request that an official transcript from all previously attended colleges and universities be mailed to the Admissions Office.
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
      Undergraduate Admissions Office
      Atlanta, GA 30332-0320
    • Current or previously enrolled Georgia Tech students must have an official transcript from all other colleges and universities mailed to:
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
      Office of the Registrar
      Transfer Credit
      Atlanta, GA 30332-0320
  2. The basic policy regarding the acceptance of the courses by transfer is to allow credit for courses completed with satisfactory grades (C or better) in other accredited colleges provided the courses correspond in time and content to courses offered at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Georgia Tech assumes responsibility for the academic quality of any work or credit recorded on the institution's transcript. Transfer credits will be accepted from newly-formed institutions of the University System of Georgia prior to accreditation.
  3. Georgia Tech will not award credit for courses successfully completed at another institution which were previously taken at Georgia Tech.
  4. A petition to the faculty must be approved to use course work more than ten years old.
  5. Georgia Tech reserves the right to test the proficiency of any student in course work transferred from other institutions and to disallow credit in courses in which the student cannot demonstrate acceptable proficiency.

Transfer Credit for Online Courses

Georgia Tech accepts credit for coursework as listed on the transfer equivalency table online at

Requesting Transfer Credit for Courses Not Previously Evaluated

  1. Check the online equivalency database for updates. New evaluations are posted daily.
  2. Notify the Office of the Registrar's Transfer Credit Department of any not-awarded credit. Send an email to
  3. Using the Transfer Credit web site, submit courses for evaluation.

About Transfer Credit

  1. Georgia Tech does not offer correspondence courses and does not grant credit for correspondence courses taken at other institutions. Academic units reserve the right to take such things as delivery method into consideration. For example, on-line courses and computer-instructed courses may not be accepted by some academic units for credit.
  2. Georgia Tech does not grant credit for the College Level General Educational Development Tests, CLEP, USAFI courses, or courses completed at any United States armed services, with the exception of the military academies and schools with full accreditation.
  3. Georgia Tech does not grant credit for professional certificate programs.
  4. The following items are among other circumstances in which non-resident credit is not granted:
    • Courses previously completed at Georgia Tech.
    • College courses taken to meet freshman admissions requirements.
    • Remedial courses.
    • Courses basically secondary school or pre-college level.
    • Courses with essentially non-academic content.
    • Vocational courses.
    • Learning support courses.
  5. Non-resident credit is not computed as a part of the student's grade point average at Georgia Tech.

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB)

For Advanced Placement (AP), visit the Advanced Placement page for more information.

For International Baccalaureate (IB), visit the International Baccalaureate page for more information.

Note: Once enrolled at Georgia Tech, students are not allowed to take College Board (Advanced Placement and SAT II), International Baccalaureate or A-Level Examinations for credit. All examinations must be completed prior the student's enrollment date. Students who offer satisfactory evidence that they are qualified to do so may receive credit for a course by examination at Georgia Tech. Such an examination is called an "Examination for Advanced Standing."

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