SAT II Subject Tests

Students entering Georgia Tech may receive college credit based upon their scores on the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Exams taken in conjunction with designated high school advanced placement classes, SAT II Subject Tests, The International Baccalaureate, and/or Georgia Tech Departmental Exams.

Once enrolled at Georgia Tech, students are not allowed to take College Board (Advanced Placement and SAT II), International Baccalaureate, or A-Level Examinations for credit. All examinations must be completed prior to the student's enrollment date. Students who offer satisfactory evidence that they are qualified to do so may receive credit for a course by examination at Georgia Tech. Such an examination is called an Examination for Advanced Standing.

**Note: On January 19th, 2021, College Board announced they would no longer be offering SAT Subject Test in the United States and internationally after June 2021. Georgia Tech will accept existing SAT II scores and those completed in 2021 until 2026.

The table below describes the course credit a student may earn if they achieve a specific score on a specific SAT II Subject Test.

Subject Score Semester Course Hours
Chemistry 680 CHEM 1211K 4
Chemistry 730 CHEM 1310 4
Literature 750 HUM 1XXX 3
U.S. History 710 HIST 2111 3
World History 710 HTS 1XXX 3