Preprofessional Programs

Georgia Tech offers Pre-professional programs and advising in the following areas:

Students can look these advisors up on the Advising Web page.

Professional schools typically admit students with strong academic credentials, a well-balanced education, good communication skills, and a broad range of experiences. With the appropriate selection of elective courses, most majors at Georgia Tech provide suitable preparation for professional schools in any area.

The best choice of a major is usually the one in which the student has the greatest inherent interest. No specific major offers an obvious competitive advantage in assuring admission to professional schools.

Georgia Tech has elected not to have majors designated as pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, or pre-law. This approach to pre-professional education has two major advantages. First, students who elect not to enter professional school upon graduation are prepared for alternative careers immediately. Second, students who do continue on to professional school have backgrounds that often provide them with unique opportunities within their selected professions. Examples include medical research, development of medical devices and apparatus, patent law, or the legal aspects of design and construction.