III. Notices

A. Notices

All enrolled students have an e-mail account provided by Georgia Tech. This account is a student's official point of contact with the Institute, and she/he is expected to check it each school day. Students are also expected to be aware of notices that appear on the Student Access System and of general notices that are in the Technique. It is the student's responsibility to check the Student Access System, both during the Drop/Add Period and during the academic term, in order to verify the accuracy of their course schedule and to become aware of important notices. A student should verify their course schedule at least once during the first five weeks of the academic term and once after Mid-term.

B. Change of Address

When a student's address changes, the student is responsible for updating their record in the Student Access System within one week of the change.

C. Unclaimed Mail

Students are responsible for returning to the front window of the Post Office all mail in their Post Office boxes that is unclaimed after three days.

D. Physical Location of Students

To comply with federal regulations, the Higher Education Act, the Georgia Institute of Technology must confirm where our students are physically located while enrolled. In an effort to capture this information, a hold will be placed in the registration system during registration periods. Students are responsible for updating this information when it changes.  More information is on the Office of the Registrar website at: https://registrar.gatech.edu/info/common-registration-error-messages.