Undergraduate Study in International Affairs


Bachelor's Degrees

Graduate Course Option

Under the Graduate Course Option, undergraduate students with a final grade-point average of 3.5 or higher may count six hours of their graduate credits completed at the undergraduate level toward a master's degree at Georgia Tech in the same field. This applies to EIA, IAML, and INTA majors. This means that qualified students could complete the Master of Science in International Affairs with thirty-six additional credit hours rather than forty-two credit hours if completed within two years of earning a bachelor's degree.

BS/MS International Affairs

The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs offers a BS/MS program for students enrolled in the International Affairs, International Affairs and Modern Language, or Economics and International Affairs undergraduate programs who demonstrate an interest in and ability for additional education beyond the BS degree.

Students in the BS/MS program will remain undergraduates until they meet requirements for the undergraduate degree, at which point they will receive their BS degree and be changed to graduate status. Students will be eligible to apply for the program after completion of 45 semester credit hours at Georgia Tech (i.e., at the end of their third semester), and if they show appropriate progress in their degree program thereafter. Any student in good standing in the BS INTA, BS IAML, or BS EIA program is eligible to apply to the program. Admissions decisions will be based on GPA and judgments of the faculty who have served as advisors or instructors. Continuation in the program will require the student to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher in Ivan Allen College courses. The program will not penalize students who opt out after the bachelor's degree. Students participating in this program will be eligible for the six-semester credit-hour Graduate Course Option, which allows students completing both the bachelor's and master's in the same discipline to use up to 6 credit hours of graduate-level coursework in the major discipline for both degrees.

Contact the BS/MS program director for further information.

The Sam Nunn School, often in conjunction with other units of the Ivan Allen College, administers five certificate programs. These programs enable students to pursue a focused program of study in a specific area of regional/international specialization. The School awards the following certificates:

  • Asian Affairs Certificate (available to majors and non-majors)
  • Latin American Affairs Certificate (available to majors and non-majors)
  • European Affairs Certificate (available to majors and non-majors)
  • International Affairs Certificate (available only to non-majors)
  • Scenarios, Modeling and Military Games (available to majors and non-majors)

A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of a predetermined 12 credit hour cluster of courses approved by the academic advisor or a specific faculty member. All courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis, and a C or better must be received in each course. Certificates will be granted only to students who, in addition to the Certificate program requirements, have satisfied requirements for an undergraduate degree. Detailed information concerning these programs and their requirements is available through the School.