Minor in European Studies

Comprised of courses in history, political science, languages, media, and sociology, the interdisciplinary Ivan Allen College European Studies minor connects study of ancient, medieval and modern Europe, including France, Germany, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. The countries of Europe individually and collectively a pivotal role in world politics and the global economy.  Europe is also key region for U.S. geostrategic and economic interests. Moreover, Europe reflects different ways to structure state-society relations and has contributed greatly to western culture.  In addition, the European Union is the world’s most advanced form of international cooperation.  As a consequence, the study of Europe should be an integral part of a contemporary education. Through interdisciplinary study of culture, history, politics, sociology, and languages in Europe, students engage in comparative study of societies and values. This minor is designed for undergraduates who will enter a wide range of careers (engineering, science, business, public service, law, teaching, research, etc.).

Required course:3
Government and Politics of Western Europe
Politics of the European Union
Seminar in Europe: European Union
Elective courses9
Total Credit Hours12

Minor guidelines:

  • All courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher.
  • Nine of the fifteen hours must be at the 3000-level or higher.
  • Courses must be taken from at least three schools (at least one option must be taken in History & Sociology (HSOC) or Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC)
  • At least one course presented for the minor must be a French, German, Spanish, or Russian course offered by the School of Modern Languages from the list provided or approved by the coordinator.
  • Contingent upon approval of a co-coordinator, a student may count one course taken outside of the Ivan Allen college of Liberal Arts toward the minor. And, if approved by the coordinator, this course may be taken at another university.
  • All Special Topics, Special Problems, and Undergraduate Research classes must be approved by the coordinator.
  • A maximum of 6 semester hours of Special Topics courses may be included in the minor or the student may complete 3 semester hour of Special Topics and 3 semester hours of either Special Problems or Undergraduate Research. Student may not use 6 semester hours of either Special Problems or Undergraduate Research for a minor.
History and Sociology (HTS) courses
HTS 1031Europe Since the Renaissance3
HTS 2036Revolutionary Europe: 1789-19143
HTS 2037Twentieth Century Europe: 1914 to Present3
HTS 3028Ancient Greece: Gods, Heroes, and RuinS3
HTS 3029Ancient Rome: From Greatness to Ruins3
HTS 3030Medieval Europe: 350 to 14003
HTS 3031European Labor History3
HTS 3032Modern European Intellectual History3
HTS 3033Medieval England3
HTS 3035Britain from 1815-19143
HTS 3036Britain Since 19143
HTS 3038The French Revolution3
HTS 3039Modern France3
HTS 3041Modern Spain3
HTS 3043Modern Germany3
HTS 3045Nazi Germany and the Holocaust3
HTS 3046Science, Poliltics, and Culture in Nazi Germany3
HTS 3048Modern Russian History and Society3
HTS 3063Outposts of Empire: Comparative History of British3
HTS 3803Special Topics3
HTS 3813Special Topics3
HTS 3823Special Topics3
HTS 4031Seminar in European History4
HTS 4699Undergraduate Research1-12
HTS 4813Special Topics3
HTS 4823Special Topics3
HTS 4833Special Topics3
HTS 4925Special Problems in History, Technology, and Society1-21
HTS 4926Special Problems in History, Technology, and Society1-21
HTS 4927Special Problems in History, Technology, and Society1-21
HTS 4928Special Problems in History, Technology, and Society1-21
HTS 4929Special Problems in History, Technology, and Society1-21
International Affairs (INTA) courses
INTA 3044Global Politics of Technology3
INTA 3101International Institutions3
INTA 3120European Security Issues3
INTA 3121Foreign Policies of Russia and Eurasia3
INTA 3223Transatlantic Relations3
INTA 3321Political Economy of European Integration3
INTA 4121Seminar in Europe: European Security3
INTA 4803Special Topics3
Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC) courses
LMC 3102Science, Technology, and the Classical Tradition3
LMC 3104The Age of Scientific Discovery3
LMC 3106The Age of Scientific Revolution3
LMC 3112Evolution and the Industrial Age3
LMC 3228Shakespeare3
LMC 3302Science, Technology, and Ideology3
LMC 3316Science, Technology, and Postcolonialism3
LMC 3502Ancient and Medieval Literature and Culture3
LMC 3504Renaissance Literature and Culture3
LMC 3506Enlightenment and Culture3
LMC 3512British and Continental Romanticism3
LMC 3514Victorian Literature and Culture3
Language courses (must select at least one)
FREN 3000Survey of French Literature3
FREN 3001French Literature from 1800 to 19003
FREN 3002French Literature from 1900 to Present3
FREN 3004Drama Workshop3
FREN 3011France Today I3
FREN 3012France Today II3
FREN 3014Introduction to Contemporary France3
FREN 3015Social Identities in Contemporary French Culture3
FREN 3017Paris: Modernity Today3
FREN 3030French Phonetics3
FREN 3040Reading and Translation3
FREN 3061France: Culture, Economy, Commerce I3
FREN 3062France: Culture, Economy and Commerce II3
FREN 3110Comics & Graphic Arts3
FREN 3121Advanced Composition3
FREN 3551French for the Professions I3
FREN 3691Business Communication and Correspondence in France3
FREN 3692French for Business and Technology I3
FREN 3693French for Business and Technology II3
FREN 3694French for Business and Technology Abroad3
FREN 3697Paris in Cinema/Cinema in Paris3
FREN 3821Special Topics1
FREN 3823Special Topics3
FREN 3833Special Topics3
FREN 4001French Stylistics3
FREN 4011French Art3
FREN 4013French Literature and the Visual Arts3
FREN 4061French Science and Technology I3
FREN 4101Literature of the Francophone World I3
FREN 4102Literature of the Francophone World II3
FREN 4200Introduction to French Philosophy3
FREN 4241Migration in French Cinema3
FREN 4242The French New Wave3
FREN 4250Reading Les Miserables3
FREN 4300France and Globalization3
FREN 4813Special Topics3
FREN 4823Special Topics3
FREN 4833Special Topics3
FREN 4901Special Problems in French1-21
FREN 4902Special Problems in French1-21
GRMN 3010Introduction to German Literature3
GRMN 3011Germany Today3
GRMN 3024Conversation and Composition3
GRMN 3026German Stylistics3
GRMN 3030Crossing Borders in Literature & Culture3
GRMN 3055German Fairy Tales: From the Grimm Brothers to Disney3
GRMN 3071Introductory Business German I3
GRMN 3110Television & Electronic Culture3
GRMN 3695German Business and Technology: Structure, Communication and Correspondence3
GRMN 3696German Business and Technology: Current Issues3
GRMN 3697German Business and Technology: Communication3
GRMN 3813Special Topics3
GRMN 3823Special Topics3
GRMN 3833Special Topics3
GRMN 3901Special Problems1-21
GRMN 4010Perspectives of German Media3
GRMN 4012Typical German Towards a German Identity3
GRMN 4023Selected Readings in German Literature3
GRMN 4024German Film and Literature3
GRMN 4025German Culture & Film3
GRMN 4026German Post-Wall Cinema3
GRMN 4027Political Songwriting in Germany, 1945 to Present3
GRMN 4061Advanced Business German I3
GRMN 4065The European Union: History, Institutions and Current Issues and Challenges3
GRMN 4120Literary Representations of German History3
GRMN 4126Advanced Stylistics: Grammar and Discourse3
GRMN 4691Berlin: The Capital in the 20th Century3
GRMN 4693Industrial Transformation and German Society/Economy3
GRMN 4813Special Topics3
GRMN 4823Special Topics3
GRMN 4833Special Topics3
GRMN 4901Special Problems in German1-21
GRMN 4902Special Problems in German1-21
RUSS 3001Advanced Russian I3
RUSS 3002Advanced Russian II3
RUSS 3005Russian for Heritage Speakers3
RUSS 3222The Russian Twentieth Century in Literature and Film3
RUSS 3242Urban Mythologies in Russian Literature3
RUSS 3350Russian and American Mass Cultures3
RUSS 3691Intensive Advanced Russian3
RUSS 3692Advanced Reading and Composition for Business, Science and Technology3
RUSS 3695Contemporary Russia3
RUSS 3698Russia Yesterday and Today1
RUSS 3803Special Topics3
RUSS 3811Special Topics1
RUSS 3812Special Topics2
RUSS 3813Special Topics3
RUSS 3823Special Topics3
RUSS 3833Special Topics3
RUSS 4320Nineteenth-Century Russian Writers3
RUSS 4335Technology, Society, and Culture in the Soviet Union and Russia3
RUSS 4340Invention of Business Discourse in Russia (1990-)3
RUSS 4360Russian Culture through the Prism of Song3
RUSS 4692Intensive Advanced Russian II3
RUSS 4693Intensive Advanced Russian III3
RUSS 4813Special Topics3
RUSS 4823Special Topics3
RUSS 4833Special Topics3
RUSS 4901Special Problems in Russian1-21
RUSS 4902Special Problems in Russian1-21
SPAN 3040A Practical Application of Spanish Grammar3
SPAN 3050Introduction to Reading Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 3061Spanish for Business I: Fundamentals3
SPAN 3064Medical Spanish3
SPAN 3101Spanish Conversation: Issues and Strategies I3
SPAN 3111Composition: Analysis and Development I3
SPAN 3151Conversation Practicum3
SPAN 3241The Individual and the Family in Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 3242Society in Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 3691Business Communication and Correspondence in the Hispanic3
SPAN 3693Science and Technology in the Hispanic World3
SPAN 3694Business and Culture in the Hispanic World: Seminar Abroad3
SPAN 3697Spanish for Health Care Professionals3
SPAN 3698Health Care Industry in Spain3
SPAN 3813Special Topics3
SPAN 3823Special Topics3
SPAN 3833Special Topics3
SPAN 4061Spanish for Science and Technology I: Fundamentals3
SPAN 4062Spanish for Science and Technology II: Applications3
SPAN 4065Spanish Linguistics3
SPAN 4101Advanced Communication Workshop3
SPAN 4158Social, Cultural, and Linguistic Diversity in Spain3
SPAN 4170Spanish Applied Linguistics3
SPAN 4693Sustainability in Spain3
SPAN 4813Special Topics3
SPAN 4823Special Topics3
SPAN 4833Special Topics3
SPAN 4902Special Problems in Spanish1-21