Deferring an Application

An applicant wishing to defer an application to a subsequent semester must first consult with the admitting graduate program to determine if the program admits students for that semester. An applicant may submit a one-time request to their admitting program, as long as the request meets the program’s deadline and occurs prior to the start of the original semester of matriculation. If the admitting program agrees to the applicant’s request for a deferral, the applicant may select a term no more than 3 semesters from the original semester of matriculation. Deferred applications are referred to the graduate program for reconsideration and a new admissions decision. Graduate programs may refuse admission to applicants 1) whose application is incomplete (e.g. missing documents) after the start of the semester of original matriculation and 2) when the applicants have not requested deferrals to future semesters. If an applicant has not requested a deferral prior to the start of the original semester of matriculation, the applicant must submit a new application and application fee for the future semester.