Graduate Study in City and Regional Planning

Dual Degrees

The School of City and Regional Planning offers several dual degree programs pairing the Master of City and Regional Planning with allied professional studies. By enrolling in a dual degree program, students are able to obtain two degrees in less time than it would take if the degrees were being pursued separately. Both degrees are awarded simultaneously upon completion of the program of study. Dual degrees position graduates to tackle urban and regional policy problems that would benefit from a multidisciplinary perspective. Dual degrees also position graduates to be competitive for work settings that traditionally involve professionals from multiple fields.

Candidates seeking dual degree program admission should apply to each of the two degree programs separately, indicating in their statements that they are seeking dual degree admission. The two schools involved will each make their decisions independently so that the applicant will have the option to pursue only one degree if not admitted to both degree programs. Please refer to the catalog listings of both degree programs involved, as admissions requirements and deadlines may differ.

Graduate Certificate Program in Historic Preservation

MCRP students in good standing may cross-enroll at Georgia State University to earn a certificate in heritage preservation with an emphasis on historic preservation. Coursework may be counted toward the MCRP degree.