XV. Medical Regulations

A Medical Entrance Form and proof of required immunizations and tuberculosis screening must be on file with Stamps Health Services. Failure to provide this information may result in a health hold and delay of registration. All international students (F1 and J1 visas) are required to have health insurance coverage. Students may elect to purchase the health insurance made available by the health insurance provider contracted by Georgia Tech or may have their own comparable medical insurance.

A. Student Health Insurance

Source: Stamps Health Services

The Georgia Board of Regents (BOR) offers student health insurance for eligible students and their dependent(s). Two groups of students may purchase student health insurance: Mandatory and Voluntary. Mandatory students are required by the BOR to have student health insurance and the charge is applied automatically to the student's account along with tuition. A list of students who fall under the health insurance mandate can be found here: https://health.gatech.edu/sites/default/files/images/usg_mandatory_groups.pdf. Mandatory students who already have health insurance may apply to waive the Board of Regents (BOR) student health insurance coverage as long as their insurance coverage meets or exceeds the BOR insurance requirements.

There is an open enrollment period at the start of each semester to enroll or waive mandatory student insurance coverage, to enroll for the voluntary plan, or for enrolled mandatory students to add spouse/dependents coverage. For students and spouses with Board of Regents (BOR) student health insurance, Stamps Health Services (SHS) is the primary care provider. SHS renders care to students, spouses, and domestic partners. Dependent children are not eligible to be treated at SHS.

Note: The student health insurance is not the same as the Mandatory Student Health Fee. The Mandatory Student Health Fee is assessed per semester to all students taking 4+ credit hours. It is not health insurance and cannot be used outside of Stamps Health Services. Students cannot waive this fee. The Health fee covers most services at Stamps Health Services.

More information is available at www.health.gatech.edu and/or https://health.gatech.edu/finance/insurance.

B. Immunizations

Source: Stamps Health Services

All incoming students must comply with the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia's immunization requirements. It is strongly recommended that immunization requirements are met as soon as possible to avoid a registration hold. A registration hold keeps students from registering for classes

Incoming students must use Stamps Health Services Immunizations Form.

More information is available at www.health.gatech.edu