Types of Standing

Applicants holding a bachelor's degree in an appropriate field from a regionally accredited institution will be given full graduate standing upon acceptance and matriculation, provided their previous work is of sufficient quality to indicate immediate success in advanced study.

If the work of an applicant holding an approved bachelor's degree is deficient in content or quality so that supplemental study or demonstrated ability is necessary, the applicant may be given conditional graduate standing upon acceptance.

Applicants who do not wish to qualify for an advanced degree at Georgia Tech, but demonstrate the potential benefits of their participation in advanced study, may gain admission as special non-degree graduate students. Students who are admitted with special non-degree standing for failure to submit official transcripts or for other administrative reasons may apply not more than 16 semester credit hours taken on special non-degree standing toward a degree.

Graduate students in good standing at other U.S. universities may enroll at Georgia Tech as transient graduate students by filing an application for admission and by providing a letter of verification of good standing status from the registrar of the institution at which they are currently enrolled. Work undertaken in transient standing will not apply toward a Georgia Tech degree.

Undergraduate Admissions, not Graduate Studies, will admit students working toward a second bachelor's degree.

In addition to full, conditional, and special non-degree graduate standing, graduate students will be classified by academic standing according to their GPAs: good standing, warning, probation, or drop. (The graduate GPA includes the grades on all courses scheduled by the student after admission to graduate study.) For specific information, see the scholastic regulations.