Graduate Study in Industrial & Systems Engineering

Master's Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Study in Industrial Engineering

The PhD Program in Industrial Engineering is intended for qualified individuals for whom past accomplishments and evaluation indicate a high potential for successful completion of the program requirements and a subsequent creative intellectual contribution to the field. Admitted students may pursue their work in various concentrations related to common themes associated with industrial engineering:

  • supply chain logistics and manufacturing,
  • economic decision analysis,
  • applied statistics, and
  • human-integrated systems.

Admission is dependent upon student qualification rather than educational background in any specified discipline. Consideration for admission is based largely upon performance in prior academic work, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and credible letters of reference.

Distance Learning

The School of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers off-campus working professionals the opportunity to enroll in many of its graduate courses through video technologies. Qualified individuals can complete the requirements for the MS IE or MS OR utilizing the video-based delivery system. Admission as a degree-seeking student in the video program is based upon the same criteria as for regular students. See Distance Learning and Professional Education for more information.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for PhD study is available in the form of traineeships, fellowships, sponsored externships, and research and teaching assistantships.