Undergraduate Study in Biological Sciences



Rules and Regulations

The Catalog is the authoritative source of Rules and Regulations and other Policies for Georgia Tech students.

Health Sciences Requirement

All Georgia Tech students must satisfactorily complete the health and wellness requirement for graduation.

The requirement can be satisfied by completing one of three course options in Applied Physiology: APPH 1040, APPH 1050, or APPH 1060 . APPH 1040 is a two-credit-hour lecture-based course. APPH 1050 is a lecture and physical activity course that meets once per week for 1.5 credit hours of lecture and once per week at the Campus Recreations Center for 1.5 credit hours of structured physical activity. APPH 1060 is a two-credit-hour lecture-based course consisting of both lecture and team-based discussions/activities.