NROTC - Program Overview

Naval Science Classes

All Navy Option Scholarship students must take:

Required Courses
NS 1321Introduction to Naval Sciences3
NS 1323Naval Maritime History3
NS 2321Naval Leadership and Management3
NS 2323Navigation (Naval only)3
NS 3323Evolution of Warfare (Marine only)3
NS 3324Marine Weapons and Tactics3
NS 3325Naval Weapons Systems (Naval only)3
NS 3326Naval Engineering Systems (Naval only)3
NS 4320Naval Operations and Seamanship (Naval only)3
NS 4322Naval Leadership and Ethics3
NS 4333Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare3
Additional Courses
Differential Calculus
and Introduction to Linear Algebra
Integral Calculus
Select one of the following:8-10
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics II
Honors Physics I
and Honors Physics II
One term of INTA (contact NROTC unit for required class)
One term of a cultures studies course (contact NROTC unit for required class)

All students must attend weekly Drill Periods in addition to above courses.

Marine Option

Marine Option students must only take the previously listed international affairs and cultural studies courses or their equivalent as approved by the professor of naval science.

Any additional requirements are based on whether or not the student is in a technical or nontechnical major, a Navy Option or Marine Option student, and a scholarship or nonscholarship recipient. Each student must obtain from the NROTC Department a complete description of program requirements since the above statement is only a general outline. Students may apply a maximum of 4 credit hours in basic ROTC courses and six credit hours in advanced ROTC courses toward meeting the free elective requirements for any degree.

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