University System of Georgia General Education Curriculum - Core IMPACTS - Requirements, Georgia Legislative Requirements and other Georgia Tech Requirements

Every student in the University System of Georgia engages in a General Education curriculum designed to provide a foundation of knowledge, skills and competencies to promote academic success and lifelong learning. This curriculum, “Core IMPACTS”, introduces the different ways of knowing the world and connects students to the big questions that will drive their future and provide the essential skills needed to succeed. Core IMPACTS is structured across seven areas: Institutional Priority; Mathematics and Quantitative Skills; Political Science and U.S. History; Arts, Humanities and Ethics; Communicating in Writing; Technology, Mathematics and Sciences; Social Sciences. Each of these seven areas of the general education core curriculum is structured around an “orienting question,” includes learning outcomes, and career-ready competencies.

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Core IMPACTS Requirements (for incoming Summer 2024 students and any student updating their Catalog year to 2024-25):

Georgia Legislative Requirements:

Other Georgia Tech Requirements and Attributes:

Core Curriculum Requirements for any student following a 2023-2024 or older Catalog year (these may still be found in Archived Catalog editions):

Core Curriculum Requirements: