Regents' Engineering Transfer Program

The Regents' Engineering Transfer Program (RETP) is a cooperative program between Georgia Tech and colleges in the University System of Georgia.

For the first two years in this program, students attend one of the participating institutions, where they take all of the mathematics and science and many of the engineering courses required in the first two years of the Georgia Tech Engineering curricula. Upon successful completion of the RETP requirements at the partnerhing institution, students are admitted to Georgia Tech to work toward completion of a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

By enrolling in RETP, students may attend a college close to home, thereby decreasing the cost of their education and easing the adjustment to college life. At the same time, RETP students enjoy many of the advantages of Georgia Tech students: they have equal access to engineering majors at Tech, they can participate in the co-op program, and they are invited to the Georgia Tech campus once a year for campus tours, information sessions, and meetings with advisors in their engineering majors.


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