Undergraduate Study in Public Policy

The School of Public Policy offers undergraduate certificates and minors in five areas:

  • Public Policy: featuring courses on government and business decision processes, especially those involving science, technology, environment, or regional development.
  • Law, Science, and Technology/Pre-Law: preparing students to make informed decisions about law school and careers in law through selected courses in public policy, business administration, international affairs, history, and other fields.
  • Leadership studies: providing students with an in-depth knowledge of leadership theory, skills, experience, and application through a rigorous program of study that is multi-disciplinary in nature
  • Philosophy: providing broad perspectives and critical thinking about science and technology, emphasizing values and ethics.
  • Political Science: focusing on how government works, from the local to the national level.
  • Women, Science, and Technology: Links science and technology issues with those issues associated with the study of women and gender in society.

The certificates enrich any Georgia Tech degree and particularly serve students who are planning graduate studies in law, medicine, business, or the social sciences. All the certificates require a minimum of twelve semester hours of concentration.

Minors are for students wishing a concentration outside their major that provides greater depth than the certificate programs. Each minor requires a minimum of fifteen hours of credit (twelve semester hours at the 3000 level or higher with a C or better in each. Completion of a minor will be recognized on the student's final university transcript.

Students interested in planning a certificate or minor program in one of the five areas should contact the School of Public Policy for further information. A faculty advisor assists each student in planning a program of study to meet their needs and interests.