Georgia Tech offers three voluntary ROTC programs: Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Depending on the student's major, Basic and Advanced ROTC classes count as a portion of elective credit. (Students may apply a maximum of 4 credit hours in Basic ROTC courses and six credit hours in Advanced ROTC courses toward meeting the elective requirements for any degree at the discretion of the school.) Consult specific colleges to determine the amount of hours that will count toward a degree. After earning a baccalaureate degree and completing the Advanced ROTC courses for any of the three services, a student may receive a commission as an officer in either the reserve or active forces.

Students accepted into the program earn more than just money for a college degree. Cadets and midshipmen receive training and experience in the one quality which is always in great demand: Leadership.

Students may apply a maximum of 4 credit hours in basic (1000-2000 level courses) ROTC courses and six hours in advanced (3000-4000 level) ROTC courses toward meeting the free elective requirements for any degree. Students should begin taking basic ROTC courses during the first term they are enrolled. For further information, see individual curricula for the schools. Please note some departments may have stricter guidelines regarding ROTC courses.