Core Area A2

Core Area A2: Quantitative Outcomes

Required of all students majoring in the College of Architecture, College of Computing, College of Engineering, College of Sciences:

Area A2 is satisfied by completion of 4 semester hours as follows:

MATH 1552Integral Calculus4

Required of all other majors1. Select one of the following:

MATH 1712Survey of Calculus4
or MATH 1552 Integral Calculus

In the case of a degree (major) that is jointly offered and the Colleges' requirements in this area are different, the student must complete the course that is specified in the curriculum for the degree, regardless of which college is the declared "home" of the student. This area of the Core Curriculum is driven by the requirements of the specific degree program, not by the general requirements of the College, if a degree is jointly offered.

Effective Fall 2010, for freshmen entering the USG system Fall 2010, students who have earned 60 hours but have not completed Area A2 must enroll in the next course necessary to make progress toward completing this Area in every semester in which they take classes.

Effective Fall 2011, this hour limit is lowered to 45 hours for freshmen entering the USG system Fall 2011, Spring 2012, and Summer 2012.

Effective Fall 2012, freshmen entering the USG system Fall 2012 and thereafter, the hour limit is lowered to 30 hours.