Master of Science in Architecture - Building Information Systems

Program of Study

The Master of Science in Architecture with a concentration in Building Information Systems focuses on the applications of computational data sciences to the design, construction and operations building life cycle. This concentration provides a specific track for the School’s industry leading research in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Design Systems and building industry focused supply chain integration. The faculty have identified a specific, high demand career track for graduates of this program in the expansion of these fields as the design and construction industry becomes increasingly data and systems driven. Graduates from this program are prepared for industry positions such as Specialist BIM Consultant, BIM Software Developer or Product Manager, or building industry focused Data Architect, System Designer or System Integrator. Additionally, the concentration prepares students for specialized computation-focused PhD studies that can provide graduates with competitive advantage in the pursuit of academic positions.

Required Courses:
ARCH 6513Building Systems & Data3
ARCH 6503Building Information Modeling - Concepts and Applications3
COA 8676Design and Engineering Databases3
ARCH 6502Scripting for Architecture and Design3
ARCH 6501Analog and Digital Design Computation3
ARCH 6512Research Colloquium3
Design + Research Studio 1
Design + Research Studio 2
ARCH 8833
Special Topics 1
Master's Thesis
Analytical Investigations in Urban Design
Construction Technology and Design Integration I
Computational Building Simulation
Total Credit Hours30