Graduate Embedded Certificate in Space Entrepreneurship

Students complete 3 hours from each area to earn the certificate.

Students may also petition to substitute a course not listed as an option.

Optimization for the Design of Engineered Systems
Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Design I
Orbital Mechanics
Aerospace Systems Engineering
Rocket Propulsion
Electric Propulsion
Reliable Control Software for Aerospace and Embedded Applications
Special Topics (Satellite Orbit Determination)
Special Topics (Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control)
Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems
Special Topics (Technology Entrepreneur)
Special Topics in Nuclear Engineering
Molecular Biology of Microbes: Disease, Nature, and Biotechnology
Special Topics (Space Instrumentation)
Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (Instrument Design)
Space Physics and Space Instrumentation
Land Remote Sensing
Physics of Planets
International Affairs3
International Trade and Technology Transfer
Innovation, the State and Industrial Development in International Perspective
Comparative Science and Technology Policy
Special Topics (Space Policy)
Special Topics (Space Security)
Electronic Commerce-Conducting Business on the Internet
Emerging Technologies
Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity
Venture Creation
Strategic Entrepreneurship
Technology Strategy
Special Topics in Management (Innovation Analysis)
Total Credit Hours12